The Air Cadet

This is my latest model, it is a concept inspired by the art of the Fallout Franchise.

I loved the concepts for the crude and wacky pipe guns in Fallout 4, and decided to have a go at designing one myself.

The idea for my gun is that it was made by a young air cadet, it is a single shot air powered weapon that fires marbles – It has been constructed using mad mix of things that the cadet might have had, mashed together with imagination and crude workshop abilities.

With that said, I still wanted the design to be plausible, so here is a breakdown of how it ‘works.’ An RC aeroplane engine, started by a motor using a modified radio battery, belt drives an air compressor which has been embedded into a fire extinguisher, the belt also drives a secondary motor as an alternator to charge the battery. The trigger is a simple latch and spring design. I also have a pressure gauge attached to the tank with a nail in it, to complete a circuit as an auto cut-off for the pump while a cut up baseball bat is used for the wooden parts. The chamber is loaded using plumbing parts and a spring, with a camera lens used as a scope.

Anyway, I hope you like it. :)

TLDR: This is a child of the wasteland that only Macaulay Culkin could be proud of!

February 1, 2016