The Fairlady

Inspired by games like Project Cars, Forza and DriveClub – I really wanted to create an authentic looking car, and try and get it running in a game engine as a drift car (a real world passion of mine.)

I choose the iconic Datsun 240z as my subject, and every effort was put into researching the interior and exterior of the car to make it as true to life as possible, I also made an effort to try and make it look like a car with a life. Something that is being enjoyed and not just looked at.

The car has 3 texture sets, one for the interior, one for the exterior and one for the wheels and calipers (this was to allow easier customization and control depending on how the model is used.)

The model was created in 3dsMax, Baked in substance designer and then textured using photoshop and substance painter.

Here are some realtime renders created in Marmoset, I chose to go for a clean studio look to avoid the floating car look.

I hope some of you like this. :)

I am also working on a drifting demo game using this model in UE4, I might share that here in the future when it is more developed.

February 8, 2016